Mailand Duomo di Milano

Milan – Explore Fashion & Culture

All roads lead to Rome. But not this time! On my itinerary is the Italian fashion city of Milan. Famous for their cathedral, or better known as “Duomo”, Prada and Italian women on murderous high heel shoes. In Milan, you can satisfy your shopping pleasure and at the same time glance at the detailed antique buildings. I would like to show you my favorite sights and places and give you tips for your shopping tours!

Zürich Uetliberg Zürichsee

Switzerland: nature and city life in Zurich

In recent years it seems that Switzerland is increasingly popular as a holiday destination. I often see pictures of lush green pastures, happy cows, crystal clear mountain lakes and snowy mountains on Instagram, Facebook and on the front covers of travel magazines. Fortunately, there is a direct flight connection from Hamburg to Zurich and since I have a friend who currently lives in Zurich, I thought why not take the opportunity and visit Switzerland!

Süße Strandkörbe

An afternoon on Wangerooge

A few weeks ago, Tom and I spent an afternoon together on the small East Frisian island of Wangerooge in the North Sea. The island is located, together with the islands of Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog and Spiekeroog along the Lower Saxony coast. Wangerooge is completely car free. That’s absolutely great. Nevertheless there are a few possibilities to get on to the island – by ferry and the plane (Inselflieger). We were lucky and flew exclusively with our own aircraft – thanks to Pilot Tom. 😉

Azure Window Malta Gozo

Our favourite places in Malta

Malta is rich in breathtaking cliffs, crystal clear waters and hidden bays. The small island in the Mediterranean Sea has much to offer. Not only during the summer season, but also during the remaining months, when the big groups of tourists have not yet arrived in Malta. We spent our time in Malta between January and March, and explored the island by car.


Valletta, Malta’s historic capital

Our travel guide for Malta & Gozo has only about 200 pages, small and compact, just like you could describe Valletta, the (mini-) capital of the country. In the east of Malta, Valletta sits high on a rocky peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by historic fortress walls. Without a car, the best way to get into the city, it’s through the city gate. Almost all bus lines in Malta stop there. Crossing the moat over a pedestrian bridge and you’re right in the heart of the city. Valletta – with its charm of the past centuries.

Airbus 320 Air Malta

The Art of Planespotting: 5 tips to photograph planes

I could spend hours and hours at the airport watching planes take off and land. I would have a direct desire to sit on board an aircraft and travel to an unkown place. Tom and I share this fascination for airplanes. He has been practicing his hobby of “planespotting” for several years now and has gained a lot of experience. Yes, experience – because to get those great pictures of planes departing and arriving, you have to consider some important things. Planespotting, or in this case aviation photography, is an ideal hobby for people who cherish enthusiasm for airplanes and photography. We collected 5 tips and tricks for you so that you can photograph planes like a pro. Enjoy!