Lifeupdate #1 – New Job & New Home

Tom, Emil und ich

Lifeupdate #1 –
New Job & New Home


Hey guys! You haven’t heard from me for a long while. For almost 6 months there hasn’t been anything new on, but this has an end now! Honestly, the whole last year was first a roller coaster ride and then everything was suddenly paused. I wanted to tell you about so many great trips and things, like the Azores or our life with our dog Emil. But there it was … or not: The motivation lack. So I want to give you a little life update, what has happened since last year. Let’s start:

Hello Beautiful


High above the clouds: I’m a flight attendant now

As most of you know, I have been working as a flight attendant since May 2017. Many situations, work events, and experiences after I finished my degree have motivated me not to do a nine-to-five job. And I’m really happy about that right now! My life as a flight attendant on short and medium haul is not particularly glamorous and filled with many night stops in others countries. But I’m almost in my own bed every night and it allows me to have a social life. That means, after or before my shift, I can do things or meet friends. So in spring and summer everything was very exciting with the new job.


But all things change…

Bad news: Our base in Hamburg will close in the end of march 2018. We still had a good 9 months to spend in Hamburg. Of course we could move to Berlin or to the many other bases of the airline. But deep inside, I always wanted to live closer to my family and my friends in Cologne again. The decision that we decided to move back to Cologne, took a while. There were many conversations between me and my boyfriend about this topic. But now I am so grateful that my boyfriend convinced me and that we moved back here. Because: Home is where the Dom is, haha!

Emil am Rhein


Cologne, you got me back!

We are already living around two weeks in our new apartment. My boyfriend is traveling around Ukraine at the moment and I’m starting my conversion course for my new airline tomorrow. There are still a few boxes to unpack, things to organize and a little settling down needs to happen. Nevertheless, we feel very homey in our new apartment. We will also miss Hamburg. But to drink an Alster Wasser and to eat a fish sandwich we will be back! Life update: Changing job and house, also means restarting the blog. So look forward to more posts.

Tom, Emil und ich

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